Corey Graves ‘Furious’ About Recent WWE Creative Decision

Corey Graves

As colour commentator on Monday Night Raw Corey Graves has the best seat in the house when it comes to watching the action unfold in the ring. However, according to the man himself that can sometimes be both a gift and a curse.

On the November 7th edition of Raw Austin Theory made history by cashing in his Money In The Bank contract on United States Champion Seth Rollins. It marked the first time that the Money In The Bank winner didn’t cash-in on a World Champion. To make matters worse, the young star was defeated by Rollins as his attempt failed. Many fans questioned the decision to have Theory lose, and used the loss as further evidence that the star has fallen from favour following the departure of former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. It was common knowledge that McMahon was a huge fan of the former NXT star.

Corey Graves Not Impressed By Failed Austin Theory Cash-In

Speaking on the After The Bell podcast Corey Graves said that he was “furious” with the decision, adding that he is a huge fan of Austin Theory.

“I’m furious with how it all played out,” Graves said. “I was furious as it was unfolding before our very eyes … As a real human being and as an on-air character, Seth Freaking Rollins and Austin Theory are two of my favorites. I think the world of Austin Theory and I truly believe what Mr. McMahon was saying six months ago — that this guy could be the guy. And I understand that things change and, you know, the path, everything has changed.”

Despite his initial anger, Graves urged caution regarding the decision, noting that Theory hasn’t been fired and remains in a good position. The announcer suggested that if the star falls from favour between now and Survivor Series, then it might be time to worry.

“Let it play out,” Graves said. “Austin Theory didn’t get fired. Austin Theory didn’t get beaten and thrown into a dumpster and pushed off the stage. Austin Theory didn’t have a limousine explode … If Theory doesn’t do something massive between now and Survivor Series, maybe it’s time to worry.”

Austin Theory becomes the fifth Superstar to fail with his cash-in following in the unfortunate footsteps of John Cena, Damian Sandow, Braun Strowman and Baron Corbin.

H/t to Wrestling Inc