Corey Graves Believes Controversial WrestleMania 39 Match Will ‘Fascinate’ WWE Fans

Corey Graves

Plans for WrestleMania 39 continue to change on a daily basis. Anytime there’s an update or a rumor about what might be planned, a new update or rumor comes out later that throws things in another direction. It’s difficult to predict what will happen on the biggest WWE show of the year, especially when it comes to Brock Lesnar.

Reports that have emerged over the last few weeks and months have suggested that plans have changed several times surrounding Lesnar’s opponent for WrestleMania. Some possible names were serious options, like Bray Wyatt, and GUNTHER. Meanwhile, others – like Stone Cold Steve Austin – never got serious whatsoever.

But as of February 27th, the confirmed plan for Lesnar at WrestleMania is for him to face Omos.

News of this decision hasn’t gone over too well with some fans, especially since the dominant rumor about it implies that Vince McMahon was the one that pushed for it to happen until he got what he wanted.

However, one person in WWE is trying to spin this match in as positive a way as possible.

Corey Graves thinks Brock Lesnar and Omos will lead to “not a single ass in a single seat at Wrestlemania”

Speaking on the After the Bell podcast, Corey Graves tried to hype up the Lesnar vs. Omos match-up as a “fascinating spectacle.”

“A win over Brock Lesnar would make Omos. People are going to be fascinated by seeing two larger-than-life human beings collide in SoFi stadium. It is a spectacle.

“I don’t expect it to be long, I don’t expect it to be particularly, what’s the word I’m looking for, technically proficient … If Brock Lesnar manages to hoist Omos up and deliver an F5 … there will not be a single ass in a single seat in all of SoFi stadium or maybe around the world.”

Graves has narrowed in on a specific aspect of this feud: Lesnar hitting an F-5 on Omos, who stands 7-foot-3 and weighs over 400 pounds.

Omos wouldn’t be the first “larger opponent” that Brock Lesnar has faced or even F-5’ed. This has been a central theme throughout Lesnar’s career going as far back as his debut as he hit his famous finisher on wrestlers of all shapes and sizes.

h/t EWrestlingNews for the transcription