Corey Graves Airs Frustration At WWE In Now-Deleted Tweet

Corey Graves

Raw announcer Corey Graves has targetted his frustration at WWE in a now-deleted Tweet after an injury occurred at a recent live event.

Graves’ wife and former SmackDown Women’s Champion Carmella was slated to wrestle Asuka and Bianca Belair during a house show in North Charleston, South Carolina, but an apparent head injury early on turned it into a singles outing between Asuka and Belair.

Per fans who were in attendance, the referee threw up the X signal to indicate an injury to Carmella. It’s reported that she was able to walk backstage on her own two feet, though officials were “shielding her eyes from the bright lights“.

The injury is believed to have occurred when Bianca Belair attempted a sunset flip, with Carmella’s head hitting the corner of the ring.

Corey Graves appeared to be annoyed on social media when he Tweeted out the following in relation to Carmella’s injury:

“LOVE learning that my f*cking wife got injured at a live event via Twitter @WWE”

The Tweet has since been deleted by Graves and there has been no word if Carmella will have to miss any time from the ring as a result of the injury.

The real-life Leah Van Dale is one of the company’s most successful female Superstars. As well as holding the SmackDown Women’s Championship, ‘Mella is a former Women’s Tag Team and 24/7 Champion, alongside wins in the Money in the Bank match, WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal, and Mixed Match Challenge competition.