Controversial Former Superstar Eying WWE Return

WWE logo over roster

NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Tyrus remains hopeful that he’ll get to appear in WWE one more time.

The star, known as Brodus Clay in WWE, signed with the company in 2006, spending two years in their developmental system before being released. However, after a spell out of the ring, he returned to WWE in 2010 and enjoyed a run on the main roster before being cut for a second time in 2014.

After a stint with IMPACT Wrestling, Tyrus joined the NWA in March 2021. It was here where he finally became World Champion, winning the gold at Hard Times in New Orleans in November 2022.

Speaking to Fox News Digital, ahead of his next title defence on April 7th at NWA 312, Tyrus admitted that it would be nice to go back to WWE one more time.

“It’s one of those things where, like, I think because I started there, it would be nice to go back and say goodbye. But as far as like a long-term run or anything like that, no, I’m not interested in that anymore. I’ll probably finish my career in the NWA, but it would be nice to come back and have a one-off or just say goodbye to the fans.

A lot of it has to do with scheduling. I’m pretty busy with Fox, and there are no part-time jobs in the WWE. I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.”

Tyrus added that he was proud of what he achieved during his second spell with WWE.

“I was with WWE on two different occasions, and on the second occasion, I did a lot of great things, and [I am] really proud [about] that. So if I never went back, no sweat. If I did, it’d be a nice close to a chapter and to move on. But my future is with the NWA for the time being, and I can’t really see that changing.”

WWE Miss Out On Signing Jay White

While Tyrus is looking for a return to WWE, albeit a one-off, one man who won’t be appearing for WWE anytime soon is Jay White. Switchblade made a surprise appearance on the April 5th episode of AEW Dynamite and it was revealed that he has now signed with the company.

It had been reported that WWE had been confident of landing White, but no deal was made. It has been suggested that this could have been due to Vince McMahon’s return.