Conrad Thompson Provides Update On Starrcast

Conrad Thompson

Conrad Thompson, the man behind such wrestling podcasts as Grllin’ JR and What Happened When, has discussed the future of Starrcast. Starrcast was the convention event first held in conjunction with the All In event in 2018. Subsequent Starrcasts have taken place alongside AEW pay-per-views.

With the COVID-19 pandemic ensuring fans could not attend most events or conventions in 2020, no Starrcast took place that year. Speaking to The Wrestling Inc. Daily podcast, Thompson shared his thoughts on the future of the event:

“We’re going to wait and see what happens. In 2019, when we hosted the third Starrcast in Chicago, we put a hold on the hotel for 2020 and 2021. So I have a hold there for 2021. But I don’t know what that’s gonna look like. Normally, we would announce something like that as early as possible but I’m not sure we’ll be all the way back to normal by late August. I’d like to think we would but I still don’t know.”

“But if we are (ready), I would love to do at least one more just to say we did it…It’s so much fun to work with everyone, putting the shows together. That weekend can be stressful but it’s so fun to create. I’d like to do it one more time but I’m not sure if it’s possible. We’ll wait and see.”

Conrad also shared some thoughts on if he could ever persuade a McMahon to appear at Starrcast:

“No. Let me be clear, if it’s an event piggybacking an AEW event, that’s not happening. But if it’s an event piggybacked by a WWE event. Then maybe there is a chance I could call in a favour with Bruce and try to beg, borrow, kneel, and negotiate. But it’s not likely, no chance in hell he’ll show up at an AEW event.”

Conrad Thompson himself is set to appear on the WWE network soon. He is also reportedly set to turn up on WWE shows appearing on the A&E network. His ‘Something to Wrestle With’ co-host, Bruce Prichard recently shared his thoughts on the passing of AEW star Brodie Lee.