Concerning Injury Development Sent Jim Ross To The Emergency Room

Concerning Injury Development Sent Jim Ross To The Emergency Room

AEW commentator Jim Ross recently provided an update on his health, Ross revealed that he had to visit the emergency room.

Ross, during his podcast Grilling JR, spoke about how he had to visit the emergency room due to concerns about the movement of redness in his wounded leg. Speaking about the incident, he said that the doctors had told him the importance of checking to see if the redness spread and to seek medical attention immediately if it did.

However, to his surprise, the doctors concluded that no immediate treatment was necessary. They reassured him that he was fine but advised him to monitor the situation closely. If the redness continued to move in a northerly direction, they advised him to return for further examination.

Ross had this to say:

I had to go to the emergency room this morning because I was concerned that the redness in my wounded leg was moving. I’ve been warned about that, that you don’t want to let this thing get out of control.

Despite the relief of not requiring treatment, Ross acknowledged that such health maintenance was an ongoing part of his life. He shared his frustration when people asked about his return to work, expressing his desire to get back to AEW as soon as possible.

Ross stated that he would love to return to work either tonight or next week, but he remains uncertain about the exact timeframe for his comeback. Ross said:

People say, ‘When are you gonna go back to work?’ I’d like to go back to work tonight, I’d like to go back to work next week, but I don’t know when that’s gonna be.”

Aside from the leg wound, Ross also mentioned his ongoing battle with sciatica, a lower back issue causing him pain. He admitted feeling lonely due to his absence from AEW programming and expressed hope for finding relief from the back pain soon.

What Happened To Jim Ross?

Ross suffered a fall and concussion on the morning before the June 17th Collision show, despite the fall, Ross showed his strong work ethic and still attended Collision to provide commentary for the show.

Fans and colleagues alike have shown their support for Ross during this challenging period. Although his return date remains uncertain, Ross remains determined to resume his commentary duties, with a goal to potentially make a comeback for AEW All In at Wembley.