Colt Cabana Reacts To Fans Chanting For Him During The Elite’s In-Ring Return

Colt Cabana kneels in-ring at ROH Death Before Dishonor 2022

At AEW Full Gear 2022, The Elite made their triumphant return to the company after being suspended in the aftermath of a backstage brawl following All Out.

The trio entered to Carry On Wayward Son by Kansas and received a huge ovation from the audience as they made their way to the ring for the first time in over two months to face Death Triangle for the World Trios Championships they never lost.

The audience reacts to The Elite’s return

In among the cheering and applause for Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks, however, the New Jersey crowd also had some choice words for the other man involved in the All Out situation, CM Punk.

As the match kicked off, loud chants of “F*ck CM Punk” could be heard as well as others of “Colt Cabana” for the star fans believe Punk was responsible for removing from AEW TV – something denied by AEW President Tony Khan.

When the shouts from the crowd reached Colt Cabana himself, he took to Twitter to claim he was also chanting, but for The Elite instead.

“I was chanting for the Elite! @AEW

Colt Cabana’s return to AEW TV

Colt Cabana vanished from AEW TV shortly after CM Punk debuted back in September 2021, leading to the speculation that the former AEW World Champion was responsible for his absence. Cabana later resurfaced as part of Ring of Honor after Tony Khan purchased the promotion.

Following CM Punk’s suspension and later reports that AEW had decided to buy out his contract as a result of the brawl that ensued after All Out, Colt Cabana appeared on AEW Dynamite in a match against Chris Jericho for the ROH World Championship.

However, during the post-Full Gear media scrum, Tony Khan made it clear that CM Punk had nothing to do with Cabana being moved to ROH and claimed that his appearance on Dynamite just made sense for a current storyline.

“As far as the match with Chris in Baltimore, I thought it made a lot of sense because we had the Ring of Honor championship series, and we had talked about Chris Jericho wrestling so many of the great names in Ring of Honor.”

H/T to WrestleZone for the above transcription.