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Cody Rhodes Talks Politics And Life Outside The Ring

Cody interview

In a recent interview with Chris Mueller of Bleacher Report, Cody Rhodes revealed that he has ambitions to enter politics and run for the Senate in Georgia once he retires from wrestling, which may come sooner than we think. The AEW EVP said:

“I’m 35, and I said I only wanted to wrestle for five more years. I have political aspirations. I would love to run for the Senate in the great state of Georgia. I want to help with the sphere of influence I have created. I always say if you do the work, it will pay off.”

Cody wouldn’t be the first professional wrestler to make the jump to the world of politics. Jesse ’The Body’ Ventura had election successes when he became Mayor of Brooklyn Park, Minnesota in 1991, followed by being elected Governor of Minnesota in 1999. More recently, Glenn ‘Kane’ Jacobs was elected Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee in 2018.

While a move to politics might be a few years off, Cody also talked about another career he was interested in pursuing further, saying:

“I have a ton of desire to do more acting so long as it doesn’t conflict with my job here”

Cody’s previous acting experience includes an appearance in science-fiction show Warehouse 13 in 2010, but his best known role is likely his recurring character in Arrow, the superpowered villain Derek Sampson. He appeared as the in seven episodes of that show alongside lead actor Stephen Amell.

Amell is set to be featured in a new drama series about pro wrestling, called Heels. Cody was positive about how that show would turn out:

“I think everyone I know in Hollywood sent me the treatment for Heels, if you know anything about two brothers from a wrestling family in Georgia, it starts to sound very familiar. I think anything Stephen touches turns to gold.”

He also sounded open to working with Amell on the show if asked:

“I will always be there if he needs help. I love wrestling, and I would love for it to be presented the way it really is. It’s special to a lot of people, and if you do a show about wrestling and don’t get the wrestling right, you might not get the audience. I think if anyone can do it, Stephen can.”

While Cody has many plans outside of wrestling, this week all eyes will be on AEW Full Gear, where he will be defending the TNT Championship against Darby Allin. Check back at Inside the Ropes for news and analysis from the show.