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Cody Rhodes Seemingly Written Off Raw

Cody Rhodes

After competing with a torn pectoral muscle at Hell in a Cell, Cody Rhodes addressed the crowd on Raw before suffering a heinous attack from Seth Rollins.

Cody Rhodes opened up Monday Night Raw to resounding chants from the crowd of “Thank you Cody,” and while he said he appreciates that very much, he doesn’t believe in it because it is a privilege to compete in front of the crowd.

The American Nightmare then started to speak about his daughter, and how he wanted her to know that even on a night that could have been disastrous, he was not cynical or jaded and he fought against one of the best wrestlers in this history of the business, Seth Rollins. He made it clear that his feud with Rollins is officially over before turning his attention to Money in the Bank.

Cody Rhodes said that the contract inside Money in the Bank has eluded him his entire career, but as he started talking about the possibility of cashing in the Money in the Bank contract to become Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, he was interrupted by Seth Rollins. Rollins said that Rhodes has earned his respect, and he’s the toughest person Rollins has ever competed against. He brought tears to Cody’s face with words about his late father:

“I know I’m the last person you need to hear this from, but Dusty is very proud of his baby boy right now.”

Rollins and Cody shook hands and Rollins exited the ring, leaving Rhodes to wave a tearful goodbye to the crowd. Commentary noted that, as previously reported, Cody is set to undergo surgery on June 9th to repair his torn muscle.

However, just as Cody Rhodes was about to exit the arena, Seth Rollins ran out and attacked his foe with a sledgehammer, seemingly injuring Cody further. Commentary called the act “reprehensible” and talked about how Seth had stooped lower than they ever thought he could.

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