Cody Rhodes Wanted To Sign Popular WWE Raw Star To AEW

Cody Rhodes Seth Rollins

While Cody Rhodes already feels engrained in all things WWE, it’s perhaps easy to overlook his contribution to AEW.

The American Nightmare was an integral part of the project and played a major role in getting the company off the ground and established as the number two promotion behind WWE. In his role as Executive Vice-President, Rhodes was also in a prime position to suggest who the company should sign next.

It has now been reported that in 2021 this took his interest to Chad Gable. At the time, the Alpha Academy had yet to take off, and the star was often considered underutilized and underrated by WWE fans.

Skip forward to February 27th, 2023 and Rhodes and Gable met on Monday Night Raw. The match was a big hit with fans on social media and live in the arena. It was reported ahead of the show by WRKD Wrestling that Rhodes wanted to give Gable a “big showing” due to his admiration of the star.

“Cody Rhodes wants Chad Gable to have a “big showing” during their Raw match tonight, as Rhodes has been a fan of him and was one of the unnamed AEW talents hoping to eventually bring Gable to the company, as reported by Meltzer in 2021.”

Cody Rhodes Heading To SmackDown

Speaking after his victory over Chad Gable, Cody Rhodes cut a short promo addressing his WrestleMania 39 opponent Roman Reigns. Rhodes said that he is yet to meet Reigns face-to-face, so he’s heading to SmackDown on March 3rd to track down the Tribal Chief.