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Cody Rhodes References His Past As He Challenges Seth Rollins To Hell In A Cell

Cody Rhodes Seth Rollins

On the latest episode of Raw, Cody Rhodes challenged Seth Rollins to end their bitter rivalry inside Hell in a Cell.

Cody Rhodes addressed the crowd on the latest episode of Monday Night Raw, chronicling Seth Rollins’ journey to the top of WWE and then comparing it to his own experience of not doing well during his first run in WWE.

Rhodes started his promo by saying that Seth Rollins wasn’t in the arena in Virginia, but that he hoped his rival was listening. He then went on to explain that on last week’s episode, he tried to put his feud with Rollins in the past before he was once again brutally attacked, with Rollins saying that Cody “would never take away anything from him ever again.” Rhodes continued, asking what that could have meant:

“Inquiring minds have to know, what is it that I took away from you? What did he lose? Two matches? A winning bonus? A momentary spotlight? It isn’t as if I diluted his legacy or crossed a personal line. If anything, the biggest threat to Seth Rollins probably isn’t me; it’s probably Seth Rollins. He is trapped in this pandemonium purgatory of his own design, and he is hell bent on pulling me in with him.”

Cody Rhodes continued, saying that he’d like to take a trip down memory lane and recounted Seth Rollins’ ascent in WWE beginning with his time in the Shield.

“2012, Seth Rollins shows up to WWE Shielded up. And I would remember; I was one of the bitter boys in the locker room. Within months, he had won tag team gold. Within a few years, he had climbed the metaphorical and very real ladder in our sport. He had won the WWE Championship. He had shattered the glass ceiling, and for skeptics like myself, he had proved there was a glass ceiling in the first place. Seth Rollins won his way to the top.”

Shifting in tone, the American Nightmare began comparing Rollins’ story to that of his own, referencing his past as Stardust and saying that he learned to reinvent himself through his struggles.

“My story’s a little different. I didn’t win. No, I didn’t win that much until recently actually; I lost. I scratched, I clawed, I painted my face with a smile, dead inside, looking up at the lights most nights, but the thing is, I endured. You learn so much from loss; you learn how to live, how to love, how to adapt, how to reinvent yourself, the difference between a revolutionary interview and actual revolutionary actions.

“And the number one thing that I learned is that I’m never gonna be the American Dream… so why not embrace the Nightmare?”

As the crowd chanted his name, Cody said that he lost his way to the top, but he had a quest for vindication and has been given a second chance. He challenged Rollins to a third match between the two of them, but declared that this match would take place inside Hell in a Cell.

Despite Cody saying that Seth Rollins wasn’t in the arena, the former WWE Champion appeared on the tron and responded to the challenge. Saying that he would embarrass Rhodes, he accepted the challenge.

Hell in a Cell is set to take place on June 5th at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, IL. Also confirmed for the show is Asuka vs. Bianca Belair for the Raw Women’s Championship, a match that was made official when Asuka defeated Becky Lynch in the main event of Raw after the show saw a number of changes due to Sasha Banks and Naomi leaving the arena. Full results from the May 16th episode of Raw can be found here.

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