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Cody Rhodes Defies Serious Injury To Defeat Seth Rollins

Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes defeated Seth Rollins at WWE Hell In A Cell despite going into the match having torn his right pectoral tendon completely off the bone.

In one of the most ridiculous displays of guts and determination WWE has seen in many years, Cody Rhodes overcame Seth Rollins inside Hell in a Cell.

Just hours before the match, it was revealed that Cody Rhodes had suffered an injury weight training. At the time the full nature of the injury was unknown, although it was expected that the American Nightmare would still be appearing as advertised.

However, WWE later offered an update on the situation, announcing that Rhodes suffered a partially torn right pectoral tendon during his brawl with Rollins on the most recent episode of Raw. Adding that Rhodes aggravated the injury while weight training, tearing the tendon “completely off the bone.”

Come the opening bell, Rollins had already attempted to get into Rhodes’ head, wearing the famous polka dots worn by Dusty Rhodes decades previously. Although the biggest shock came when the American Nightmare removed his jacket to reveal a huge, deep bruise across the right side of his chest and down his arm to audible gasps from the crowd.

The first part of the match was played out in near silence as no one could quite believe that Rhodes was even competing. The wisdom of that decision will be put to the test in the coming weeks and months.

Despite being in pain just stood still, Rhodes battled Rollins with everything he had, as he at first refused to quit, before fighting back to score a number of near-falls. During the brawl, Rhodes produced a bull-rope from under the ring, Rollins utilised a weightlifting belt and tables were broken. The latter causing a nasty looking cut on the Visionary’s elbow.

Cody Rhodes survived a Pedigree, and even a Cross Rhodes to fight back and claim a memorable win after nailing his rival with a sledgehammer.