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Cody Rhodes Says He “Heavily Considered” Taking Part In A Death Match

Cody Dustin Rhodes

Cody Rhodes has revealed that he considered taking part in a Death Match prior to the launch of AEW.

Speaking on a media call ahead of AEW Homecoming, Rhodes made the surprise admission after being asked about the bloody clash between Chris Jericho and Nick Gage.

Jericho and Death Match specialist Gage battled in a blood-soaked main event of AEW Fight For The Fallen. The clash saw the two men utilise chairs, light tubes and even a pizza cutter.

While the AEW crowd ate up the destruction, one advertiser was less enthusiastic. With the violence in full flow, the show cut to a commercial break which included an ad for Domino’s. The combination has reportedly left Domino’s considering their advertising future with regard to AEW.

Ahead of AEW Dynamite Homecoming, Rhodes was asked by Chris Mueller of Bleacher Report for his opinion on Death Match wrestling and whether it has a place in mainstream pro wrestling. Rhodes said that the match on Dynamite delivered what was expected, before revealing that he almost appeared in a Death Match himself.

“I think the match was as advertised. Chris Jericho, or that night The Painmaker, and Nick Gage were very clear about a Death Match and what you were going to get. It went on in the second hour, and it was indeed as advertised. I, before AEW was a thing had considered, doing a Death Match with Matt Tremont. I really heavily considered it and I never pulled the trigger on that. But that was indeed a Death Match.”

“I think in answer to your question about ‘Does it have a place in television.’ We were the number one show on cable, and that is a huge honour, three weeks in a row, that’s a huge honour and responsibility to our fanbase during the Olympics. We’re the number one show on cable. So yes, I think it does have a place.”

Rhodes continued, adding that while he does think that there’s a place for Death Matches on television, they won’t be a regular feature on AEW. The former TNT Champion closed by emphasising how important it is to have variety and balance on any given show.

“I don’t think it’s something that you’ll see often, that’s just my opinion as asked for. I don’t think its something you’ll see often and I think it’s important that you balance your show out, with sure, there was this Death Match between The Painmaker and Nick Gage, unbelievable match, but also there are wrestlers on our roster who try to present a little bit more of a family aspect to what they do, a little bit more clean cut. There are wrestlers that are a little bit more geared towards children, in terms of building a younger fanbase, and that’s what really makes this wonderful buffet of wrestling.”

“So yeah I do think there’s a place for it. I don’t think it’s something that you’ll see often on our product. But there’s definitely a place for it and kudos to those guys for putting themselves through that and having a great main event.”

Elsewhere on the call, the AEW Vice President also discussed former WWE Superstar Bray Wyatt. While Rhodes refused to be drawn on whether he would be trying to sign Wyatt he did praise the former Universal Champion as a “special, special talent.”

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