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Cody Rhodes Returns To AEW Dynamite Attacking Malakai Black

Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes made his hotly anticipated return to AEW Dynamite where he received unlikely help from a celebrity friend to tangle with Malakai Black.

Black made his unique entrance to the ring where he talked at length about his upcoming match at AEW Grand Slam against a returning Cody Rhodes. The Dutchman soon turned his attention to actress and Go Big Show judge Rosario Dawson who was wearing a Nightmare Family jacket.

Malakai Black approached the Death Proof actress before Cody Rhodes made his unannounced crowd, coming through the New Jersey crowd. With Black distracted, Rosario Dawson jumped on the former NXT Champion’s back, allowing Rhodes to get the upper hand as the two men brawled.

Rhodes was last seen on the AEW Homecoming edition of Dynamite on the 4th of August. On that night Malakai Black decimated Rhodes in a match, finishing him off with his Black Mass spin kick. After the match Cody Rhodes began delivering an emotional speech where he seemed to hint towards retirement, even starting to take his boots off in the ring. Rhodes only got one boot off before Black returned to slam a crutch into his back. In Black’s recent bout with Cody’s brother Dustin Rhodes, Malakai Black unveiled the boot that he had kept as a trophy.

AEW Grand Slam could well be the company’s biggest free-to-air show to date as a massive card takes shape. On Dynamite, Kenny Omega accepted Bryan Danielson’s challenge to face him and the two men will go head to head in the dream match inside Arthur Ashe Stadium.

Brian Pillman Jr. will have his opportunity to get his revenge on the big-mouthed MJF as the two will collide one on one. Ruby Soho will cash in her Casino Battle Royale victory as she faces Dr. Britt Baker DMD for the AEW Women’s World Championship. Sting will return to the ring as well as he teams with Darby Allin to face former AEW Tag Team Champions, FTR.