Cody Rhodes’ Potential Return Date Revealed?

Cody Rhodes

With Cody Rhodes suffering a serious injury prior to Hell In A Cell, a new report has indicated how long The American Nightmare might be out of action.

WWE announced before the Hell In A Cell event that Rhodes had suffered a torn pectoral tendon but was adamant that he would compete on the show as advertised in the main event against Seth ‘Freakin’ Rollins.

Cody Rhodes did just that, with a large bruise covering most of the former AEW star’s chest. Despite the obvious target on his body, Rhodes was able to overcome Rollins, defeating the former WWE Champion for the third time in as many months on a premium live event.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer indicated that Cody Rhodes could be targetting the Royal Rumble as a potential return date, and suggests his return could mirror Triple H’s triumphant return from quad surgery in early 2002:

“Hopefully he gets it taken care of, and hopefully when he comes back that he will get the same treatment from the company or close to it that Paul Levesque [Triple H] did in similar circumstances with the quad. It probably won’t be that way, hopefully, it will be close because he’s a main event guy.”

“Paul Levesque, it was very compelling, it was a great comeback story because they wanted it to be, he was the right guy that they were gonna push at the right time to do the comeback and it was one of the most memorable returns that they’ve ever had. How many other guys have been out for a year and have got none of that?”

“But I hope that [Rhodes] gets some of that especially because of the way he left. Hopefully, he gets the surgery, hopefully, he’s ok by Royal Rumble, which I guess would be about the target date [for a return] would be right around there.”

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