Cody Rhodes Refuses To Rule Out Brandi Rhodes Appearing In WWE

Brandi Rhodes Cody Rhodes

While Brandi Rhodes is yet to join her husband in WWE, Cody won’t rule out the possibility.

Both Brandi and Cody Rhodes shocked the wrestling world when they announced they were departing AEW in February 2022. The pair had previously held key roles in the company both onscreen and behind the scenes.

Cody soon resurfaced in WWE, making his triumphant return at WrestleMania 38 to defeat Seth Rollins. However, Brandi – who had spent several years as a ring announcer in the promotion – was nowhere to be seen.

The star did make a brief appearance on WWE TV in January 2023, appearing during a video hyping The American Nightmare’s return from a torn pectoral tendon that had left him out of action for nine months.

During an appearance on Out of Character with Ryan Satin podcast, Cody was asked if Brandi might be seen in the company again. The 2023 Royal Rumble winner said he wouldn’t rule it out, although she is working on something unrelated right now.

“We always, from a professional standpoint, we always wanted to do everything separately. In one of the last interviews she had done before I left (AEW), a guy [Dan Lambert] was making fun of me in the ring, and she went out there and didn’t need me anywhere near it. She very much can defend herself and can fight her own battles. Very separate in that.

“I wouldn’t rule it out, but she absolutely loves watching what I’m doing. She has some stuff that she’s working on secretly, unrelated, and I ain’t going to spoil it, unrelated, will not spoil it. Definitely, never say never.” (h/t Fightful)

Cody Rhodes takes blame for being pictured with Ricky Starks

During the same interview on Out of Character, Rhodes addressed the incident which saw him being photographed with AEW star Ricky Starks backstage at the Royal Rumble.

Cody took all the blame for it, saying that, to him, it was a friend coming to see a big moment in his career. However, he now realises that having someone there from another company created an inaccurate perception.

“But I also think that will be the only time anyone from another company is ever present because it creates a conversation that is not accurate. He wanted to be there and support. He should have stayed his butt on the bus, but he did not, and because of that, no friends at work anymore.” (h/t