Cody Rhodes Planning To Revive Beloved WWE Championship Belt Design

Cody Rhodes celebrates Royal Rumble win

Cody Rhodes, the winner of the 2023 men’s Royal Rumble, reiterated his fondness for an iconic WWE Championship belt.

During an appearance on The Bump, Rhodes stated his desire to bring back the “winged eagle” belt design if he were to defeat Roman Reigns to become the WWE Universal Undisputed Championship at WrestleMania.

“I have a lot of love for the Winged Eagle design,” said Rhodes. “For me, the WWE I watched as a child was synonymous with that belt design. Although I know many fans love the big eagle design, the Winged Eagle holds a special place in my heart.”

Does Cody Rhodes Want To Bring Back The “Winged Eagle?”

Rhodes went on to express his admiration for the current championship design featuring a giant “W,” calling it a “walking billboard for the promotion.” He acknowledged the possibility that his dream of reviving the Winged Eagle may be just that, but he remains hopeful.

“I don’t want to call shots, I don’t want to go into business for myself,” he stated. “But if I am able to win at the biggest WrestleMania of all time, in Hollywood, and get my hands on the belt, maybe it’s just a pipe dream, but it would be fun to bring back the Winged Eagle.”

This isn’t the first time The American Nightmare has brought back a beloved WWE belt design. Rhodes went on to say:

“It’s just a little pipe dream, I had the same pipe dream with the Intercontinental title and I was lucky enough to make that come to fruition so follow along, because this is where the fun begins.”

The Winged Eagle championship belt design was first introduced to wrestling fans on February 5, 1988, when Hulk Hogan made his ring entrance to defend his title against Andre the Giant on “The Main Event.” The design was retired in 1998 in favour of the “Big Eagle” design.

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