Cody Rhodes Opens Monday Night Raw, Comments On Future

Cody Rhodes appear on Raw

Cody Rhodes is back on Monday Night Raw and he only has one thing on his mind!

“So what do you guys wanna talk about”

After marking his sensational return to WWE at WrestleMania 38 with victory over Seth Rollins, Cody Rhodes appeared on Monday Night Raw to address his comeback.

Rhodes said that deciding to return wasn’t a difficult decision, and any trepidation that he felt washed away after defeating Rollins in front of more than 70,000. During his initial comments he also referenced the end of his previous run with WWE saying he was the “star that left them in the dust.” A nod to his past as Stardust.

The star then showed a photo of his father, the legendary American Dream Dusty Rhodes on the titantron, calling him a legend and his hero. His voice cracking as he did so.

The image showed ‘Dream’ holding what would become the WWE Championship at Madison Square Garden in 1997. The American Nightmare ran down the title’s lineage, (Hulk Hogan’s name was greeted by huge boos) adding that the photo shown was on his dad’s mantle until he passed away.

Cody Rhodes recalled saying to his dad “I didn’t know you were champion like Hulk Hogan.” To which his dad explained that he didn’t win the championship in that match because he won by count-out. Eight-year-old Cody said that he would go and win the title and bring it back to him.

Continuing on, Rhodes said that he thought his chance had passed, but maybe it hadn’t. And while he can’t give the championship to the American Dream he can put it in the hands of the American Nightmare.

In closing, Rhodes declared that he will win the WWE Championship for the fans, for himself, for his family, and the American Dream Dusty Rhodes.

At this, the former AEW star was interrupted by Seth Rollins. Once Rollins was in the ring, Rhodes dropped the mic, offering his hand to his rival. The segment ended in a handshake.