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Cody Rhodes Recalls Matt Cardona’s Reaction To His WWE Return

Cody Rhodes returns to WWE at WrestleMania

Cody Rhodes has admitted that he was surprised his good friend Matt Cardona didn’t try and talk him out of returning to WWE.

Although Cody Rhodes’ return to WWE had been rumoured from the moment he announced his departure from AEW, there was no confirmation until he rose from the stage at WrestleMania 38.

Rhodes has admitted since his big comeback that only a handful of close friends were initially privy to his plans. One of those friends being Matt Cardona. The ‘Belt Collector’ had himself previously worked for the company for 15 years before being released in April 2020.

During an appearance on After The Bell with Corey Graves and Vic Joseph, Rhodes explained that he thought Cardona would tell him not to go back, instead he encouraged his friend to return.

“I’m surprised Vic (Joseph), that you didn’t know, because you’re friends with that little stooge Cardona,”

“He was in that very small people of circle when this initially was brought to me. I told him everything, every detail, everything. I was legitimately expecting him to go, ‘Don’t do it.’ He went completely the opposite way. He was like, ‘that’s the ultimate undeniable. Come back and land in the fashion that you did.’ He inadvertently set off this emotion because I really thought he was going to say, ‘go the other way.’ He was gung ho. I’m shocked he didn’t stooge it off.”

However, Rhodes did reveal that there was one person who questioned whether what he was doing was the right move. The American Nightmare said that Diamond Dallas Page came to his house to talk through the return, making sure that he was doing the right thing.

No. One person who was concerned was DDP [Diamond Dallas Page]. He came over to my house and he was really pensive. He brought up a good point, the last time I did something major in leaving WWE, he was of the same thought process. ‘Well, if you believe and you’re confident, then I’ll be confident with you and for you.’

He gave me some tips on people to speak to and things to let people know before it all went down. He was the only one who was a little more fatherly of, ‘let’s make sure this is what you want and it’s not just a knee-jerk thing.’ For the most part, everyone who knew in that small circle was, ‘Absolutely go do it,’ which did surprise me.”

Since returning to WWE, Rhodes has been open about his desire to win the WWE Championship, a title his illustrious father never managed to win.

Meanwhile, it has been announced that Rhodes will be back in action at WrestleMania Backlash in a huge rematch against Seth Rollins.

It has also been confirmed that he will be the next guest on the Broken Skull Sessions with Stone Cold Steve Austin.

H/t to Fightful for the transcription.