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Cody Rhodes Keeps Promise To Get Fan AEW Tickets

Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes might be a shining star in the WWE Universe these days but he has kept his promise to a fan to treat him to the full AEW experience.

Back in October 2021, Cody Rhodes was alerted to the story of wrestling fan Tyler Williams who sadly lost his older brother. As an AEW EVP at the time, Rhodes promised tickets to Williams and his nephew for when the company passed through Philadelphia.

Months later, Cody Rhodes departed AEW and so too Williams thought was his chance to see AEW in person. But not so. Speaking to ABC 6 in Philadelphia, Cody Rhodes says that wrestling is about more than company rivalries:

“People come and go and wrestle and change and stars are all around and I’m currently fully on board and committed and all in with WWE as happy as I have ever been. But that does not discount what I helped create. It doesn’t discount my friends that remain there (in AEW) or anything of that nature or fans of that product. I’m not intending on invalidating their experience and I don’t think anyone of this generation is really looking to do that.”

I think it is important to not get into the weeds, and find the positives, find the people who enjoy what you’re doing and are supporting and following. That’s just a great example of wrestling as an international language. I hope it’s going that direction, that there is more positivity, that it’s not so much about the contrary and opinions selling yourself against it versus just hey, they like what we do. Let me help you see what it is that we do live and in person.”

The American Nightmare continued by saying he was excited to be able to fulfill his promise but added it’s only right that he does the same with WWE tickets now he’s returned to the company:

“I tweeted that the night after I returned to WWE, at WrestleMania, ‘wrestling is a love story’ and I think for those who watch sports entertainment, watch wrestling, know exactly what I meant. (The Williams) family being one, and I’m excited that we’re able to get those (AEW) tickets.”

“Now part of this selfishly, I want them to be able to see me wrestle as well. So we’re going to offer the same family the full WWE experience going to the Trenton, New Jersey show, and looks like we’ll just keep it and keep going. We’ll just keep it going. They put it out there on social. Now they’re part of the ‘Nightmare Family.’ So wherever I go, hopefully, they go too.”

h/t Fightful