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Cody Rhodes Reveals John Cena Gave Him Advice On Mixed Reception In AEW

Cody Rhodes & John Cena

Cody Rhodes has revealed that John Cena offered him advice while he was drawing mixed reactions from crowds in AEW despite being billed as a fan-favourite.

As his time in AEW began to come to an end (although no one knew it at the time) Cody Rhodes began to draw ever more mixed reactions from the AEW faithful.

Despite still portraying his typical babyface character, the cheers which had sound tracked Rhodes’ entrances and matches started to turn to boos. In a few short months, some crowds were now openly hostile towards their former hero. Things came to a head in November in Chicago, where the former TNT Champion threw his weightlifting belt into the crowd, only to have them throw it back.

The incident drew comparisons to John Cena throwing his t-shirt into the crowd at ECW One Night Stand in 2006 only to have it repeatedly thrown back at him. In fact, Rhodes’ crowd reactions bore many similarities to the polarising responses which greeted Cena for a number of years.

Speaking in a promotional video celebrating Cena titled, “The Best Advice John Cena Has Ever Given Me,” Rhodes recalled Cena reaching out to him over the crowd’s reactions.

“Best advice John Cena ever gave me, twofold. The first thing was rather recently, I was going through a polarizing time in my career. We were getting for the first time in my career a ‘Let’s go Cody, Cody sucks’ type thing and he very eloquently told me to be honest with myself, as to why a crowd would react that way. Look in the mirror, and if you feel you’re doing the right thing, keep doing it.”

“Second piece of advice is that the crowd starts making any noise, in any capacity, they start clapping their hands, they start stomping their feet. They want you to fight back, something, then you have to reward them.”

WWE recently announced that June will be John Cena month, where they will celebrate his two-decade long career. Cena was last in action in September where he appeared in a dark match following an episode of Friday Night SmackDown at Madison Square Garden.

H/t to Sportskeeda for the transcription.