Jim Cornette Reveals Bizarre Iron Man Inspired Pitch For Cody Rhodes

If you’re a comic book fan, Jim Cornette presented one “Marvelous” idea for Cody Rhodes to defeat Brock Lesnar at WWE Night Of Champions.

Cornette sure made fans feel a wild experience this week on the “Jim Cornette Experience” as he went on to review WWE’s latest premium live event on the episode. A wrestler donning a cast in a match is certainly not new, but Cornette channeled Tony Stark for his big idea for Rhodes against Lesnar in their “I Quit Match.” Rhodes had a “broken arm” for the bout, but Cornette seemed to be for literally adding another layer to the story telling.

“Wouldn’t it have been cool if they had done a video where Cody went to Birmingham and got some kind of space age titanium cast and he pulled his arm out of a goddamn bucket of dry ice or something and here’s this goddamn shiny silver Iron Man looking f*cking thing with steam coming off it. If you hit Brock Lesnar with that goddamn he’s going down, that’s a thought I had would that be too much or would that fit in with today’s spirit of stuff?”

Can Cody Rhodes Pull Of A Second Victory Against Brock Lesnar?

Whether it fits into the realm of the fantastical or the believable, Rhodes may have enjoyed Cornette’s idea due to his strong fandom of comic books. Either way, “The American Nightmare” will have to have a super-hero like performance to defeat Brock Lesnar in the two’s all-but-confirmed third fight. Reports now have Cody vs. Brock 3 scheduled for SummerSlam in Detroit in a match that WWE fans haven’t seen in quite some time.