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Cody Rhodes – “I’ll Retire Before I Become A Heel”

Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes has warned fans not to expect him to return to his villainous ways from earlier in his career as he vows he’ll retire before becoming a heel.

Rhodes began his WWE career as a hard-working babyface in a tag team with Hardcore Holly. It didn’t take long for Rhodes to turn to the dark side as he turned his back on Holly to join Ted DiBiase Jr., becoming only one of a few stars to have won and lost a tag team championship in the same match.

From there Cody Rhodes and DiBiase aligned with the vindictive Randy Orton in Legacy, before Rhodes went on to becoming Dashing, Undashing, and a Rhodes Scholar all while drawing the ire of crowds.

After Cody Rhodes left WWE, he was soon back to his old ways after he resorted to devious means to defeat Jay Lethal in Ring Of Honor. Rhodes then joined the historically villainous Bullet Club, aligning himself with The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega for the first time. Even then Rhodes couldn’t help but cause a rift within the group at a time when Bullet Club was anything but fine. He soon returned to the same page as The Bucks and Omega after The Elite portion of Bullet Club was chased out of the group by the remaining members.

Since that time, Cody Rhodes has been beloved by a majority of fans as he helped spearhead the beginning of All Elite Wrestling as he and The Young Bucks put their money where their mouth was to stage All In. At that event, Rhodes received the biggest ovation of the evening as he followed in his father’s footsteps and became NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion.

Rhodes has been almost universally cheered in AEW although, in his most recent feud with Malakai Black, that has noticeably started to change with the Dutchman receiving loud cheers from the AEW faithful.

Speaking on a Q and A with Bleacher Report to promote the upcoming reality series Rhodes To The Top, the American Nightmare says fans can support who they like but he won’t be trying to elicit jeers anymore:

“I’m of the belief that if you pay your money you can cheer, boo, etc. To go from a warm reception to an adversarial reception… I’ll retire before I become a heel. I’m not going to make decisions that are bad for our youth to see. That’s the challenge, how do I maintain where I’m at when the crowd wants to get a different flavour.”

Cody Rhodes returns to the ring at AEW Grand Slam in New York City as he seeks revenge on Malakai Black for his actions towards Rhodes’ Nightmare Family.