Cody Rhodes Felt Desire To Return To WWE During Royal Rumble Season

Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes has revealed when he began getting the itch to go back to WWE and jokes that he has good stats in a very special match that he needs to maintain.

After months of speculation, the worst kept secret in wrestling in 2022 was revealed when The American Nightmare Cody Rhodes re-debuted for WWE at WrestleMania 38. It had been speculated that Rhodes was on a collision course with Seth Rollins for the event and that’s what came to pass as the former AEW EVP was announced as Rollins’ mystery opponent on WrestleMania Saturday.

Speaking to, Rhodes discussed his decision to come back to WWE after six years away and says despite his prolonged absence, he still has a great record in the Royal Rumble and says he wants to maintain that and prove he is among the best wrestlers in the world:

“What happens around the Rumble, this is gonna sound super marky and that’s fine. I have really good Rumble stats [laughs]. I’m one of the only two in that top 10 to not win it.”

“I remember thinking, that’s gonna go away! [Dolph] Ziggler’s still at this, these guys are getting time. It would be really good to go back in a vindicated type way, to be me and try to be the absolute best wrestlers in the world and prove it here.”

Cody Rhodes has never won a Royal Rumble match but he has appeared in eight of them beginning with his Rumble debut in 2008. In his eight appearances, Rhodes has spent a combined time of 3:06:45 in the Royal Rumble, putting him at 8th on the list for the longest total time in Rumble match history.

In 2009, Cody Rhodes got as close as he has ever been to victory in the showpiece match, making it to the final three as part of Legacy. Rhodes and Ted DiBiase Jr. both succumbed to Triple H but their presence allowed their leader Randy Orton to pick up the Rumble victory that year.