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Cody Rhodes Claims He Is The Best Wrestler In The World “By A Large Margin”

Cody Rhodes

The matter of who is the best wrestler at any time is always subjective unless you’re Cody Rhodes in which case you firmly believe that it’s yourself.

Cody Rhodes has set the wrestling world on fire in 2022 following his shock exit from AEW leading to his incredible WWE re-debut at WrestleMania 38 against Seth Rollins.

Since then The American Nightmare has retained much of the pomp and circumstance that accompanied his presentation in AEW as he adjusts to life back in WWE. Rhodes has racked up two big wins on premium live events over Seth Rollins since returning to the company and will be hoping to make it a hat trick after challenging The Visionary to meet him inside Hell In A Cell.

Speaking to Sports Illustrated, Cody Rhodes says he knows it upsets people when he says that he’s the best wrestler in the world but he truly believes it to be the case:

“I think I’m the best wrestler in the world. And I think it’s by a large margin. That upsets a lot of people, but I don’t mean it to draw ire. This is all I do. I’m not in charge. I’m here to hone my craft, build my body, and win matches. Every week, I have to be better. That’s the ultimate clarity for me.”