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Cody Rhodes Bringing American Nightmare To WWE?

Cody Rhodes

There is reportedly a push within WWE for Cody Rhodes to appear with the company using his full AEW presentation.

The Cody Rhodes to WWE saga has taken another twist with reports suggesting that some with the company want the star to appear as his AEW character.

The report from WrestleVotes suggests that two “very high profile people” were to adamant to Vince McMahon that Rhodes should arrive as his American Nightmare persona. That includes the ring gear, music, pyro and the complete presentation that he used in AEW.

It should be noted that Rhodes’ theme song, “Kingdom” by Downstait, is not owned by AEW.

From that moment that Cody Rhodes announced that he had left AEW on February 15th, he has been linked with a return to WWE. However, despite the rumours and speculation, concrete information regarding Rhodes’ future was in short supply. At one point it was suggested that talks between the two sides had broken down altogether.

However, on March 18th it was reported that a deal between the two sides had now been completed, meaning that Rhodes would be returning to WWE for the first time since 2016.

Despite this, there has been (perhaps understandably) no confirmation of Rhodes’ signing from either party.

Cody Rhodes began his wrestling career with WWE back in 2006, initially appearing in developmental territory Ohio Valley Wrestling. After remaining in OVW for a little over a year, Rhodes made his main roster debut July 2007.

The second generation star remained with the company until May 22nd 2016, when he was released after asking to leave. Although Rhodes was a former Intercontinental and Tag Team Champion, he had grown frustrated with his role within WWE.