Cody Rhodes’ Agent Departs Talent Agency Over Sexual Harrassment Allegations

Cody Rhodes

Hollywood and the world of pro wrestling have been inter-connected for decades now. From the days of Hulk Hogan starring as Mr. Nanny to Dwayne Johnson becoming the highest-paid actor in the world in recent years, it seems that the opportunities for wrestlers to move into acting are limitless.

This has led to many stars looking to the future and hiring an agent to help get opportunities for stardom outside the squared circle. This has included the likes of Cody Rhodes and his wife Brandi.

Cody Rhodes’ agent departs agency

The Rhodes’ are currently attached to the Hyperion Talent Agency with their agent being Brian Wittenstein.

Wittenstein had previously worked for both TNA and WWE and his name has come up under less than ideal circumstances before. When he left TNA in 2011 and joined WWE, the future IMPACT Wrestling launched a lawsuit accusing him of breaking an NDA and sharing confidential information. However, the company later withdrew the lawsuit in 2013.

Now, he has found himself a figure of controversy again, with Deadline reporting that he has departed Hyperion following allegations of inappropriate behaviour. The report also notes there have been previous instances of misconduct.

Hyperion confirmed Wittenstein had left the company but gave no further comment, while the agent himself claimed it was an amicable split.

“I have amicably parted ways with Hyperion Talent Agency to pursue other opportunities. I have no further comment at this time.”

Cody Rhodes acting career

Cody Rhodes has already seen some success in the acting world, albeit on the small screen. He made his acting debut on the SyFy show, Warehouse 13, back in 2010 with a one-off appearance as Kurt Smoller in the second season episode, ‘Merge With Caution’.

More notably, he made several appearances on Arrow as the villain Derek Sampson. It was here that he became friends with the shows lead actor, Stephen Amell, who has since taken part in several wrestling matches involving Cody.

Most recently, Rhodes was a judge on The Go-Big Show on TBS, the home of AEW Rampage. It is unknown if he will continue in the role now that he has departed from AEW and rejoined WWE.