Cody Rhodes Recalls AEW Star Beating Him With A Rubber Chicken

Big Show Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes has recalled how current AEW star Paul Wight once taught him a lesson by beating him with a rubber chicken in the ring.

The American Nightmare Cody Rhodes has reflected on the advice given to him by Paul Wight during the men’s time feuding with each other in WWE. Then known as The Big Show, Wight and Rhodes had their highest-profile bout together at WrestleMania 28 when Big Show defeated Rhodes for the Intercontinental Championship.

Speaking to WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin on his Broken Skull Sessions, Cody Rhodes reflected on the lessons Paul Wight taught him during this time and how one of those lessons involved a rubber chicken:

“That night, he [Big Show] found a rubber chicken in the crowd and beat me half to death with that rubber chicken, and the crowd loved it. I, in one night, kind of wrapped my head around, ‘Yeah, this is part of the process of getting over.’ This was a very fun time to experiment.”

“I told him in the locker room, I said, ‘I wanna do a little more. I wanna get a little gritty.’ I don’t even know what I was saying at the time. ‘I just don’t think haha is gonna help me.’ I remember he just kinda smacked his legs, got up, he goes, ‘Well, then go get over,’ and walked out. I thought, ‘Ah, he’s right.’”

Cody Rhodes competed in his first WWE United States Championship match on Raw since April 2015 when he faced Theory for the gold in Hartford, CT. Theory escaped with his title but Rhodes picked up the DQ win following interference from Seth ‘Freaking’ Rollins.

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