Cody Rhodes Achieves Historic First Following WWE Hell In A Cell

Cody Rhodes sledgehammer hell in a cell

Cody Rhodes was reportedly Google searched over 200,000 times on June 5th, the day of Hell In A Cell making him the most searched individual wrestler on a single day, ever.

According to the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Cody Rhodes now leads the way when it comes to Google searches.

“The show had the usual 200,000 Google searches that most WWE PPV shows get, similar to that of Double or Nothing the week before. There were another 200,000 searches that day for Rhodes, the most of any individual wrestler on a pro wrestling PPV show in years.”

Cody Rhodes versus Seth Rollins at WWE Hell In A Cell has become one of the most talked about matches in recent history, with Rhodes competing despite a torn pectoral tendon.

Lauded by both fans and critics as being a potential Match Of The Year contender, with WON’s Dave Meltzer awarding it 5 stars, the 28 minute Hell In A Cell main event was compelling viewing, not least due to the incredible bruising visible on Rhodes’ upper body.

The injury was made known to fans the day before Hell In A Cell, with WWE announcing Rhodes had a partial tear from a brawl on Raw with Rollins on Monday, before tearing the muscle completely off the bone while lifting weights, just days later.

The former AEW Executive Vice President, Cody Rhodes, has been a popular figure since re-debuting at Wrestlemania 38. The Hell In A Cell match was supposed to end the Rhodes v Rollins trilogy, however Seth Rollins attacked The American Nightmare on the following Raw. We can only speculate what will happen when Cody Rhodes returns to action.

Cody Rhodes has undergone surgery to reattach the pectoral tendon and is not expected to return for nine months.