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Cody Hits Back At Fan Who Labelled AEW “An Abomination”

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Former AEW TNT Championship Cody Rhodes has hit out at a fan that labelled AEW, ‘an abomination’, on social media.

Following a tweet from FITE TV, which airs AEW pay-per-view events in the United Kingdom, regarding a replay for All In, a fan replied to the company referring to it as the event that started it all for AEW by opining:

“Ah yes, the start of the crime that has been perpetrated on professional wrestling. This birthed the abomination that is AEW. A dark day indeed.”

Spotting the retort, the expectant father and Executive Vice President sat down at his keyboard in order to defend his promotion using his usual debonair charm. In the reply, Rhodes wrote:

“I mean this day bettered the wrestling economy and QOL standards for an entire industry, so no matter which way you shake it…a great day in our history. (Not unlike the days Dream had those 3 initials on your mask white hot and fans got better wrestling and the boys got rich).”

Following a further conversation between the pair in which said fan pondered whether the Jacksonville promotion had benefitted the industry or just the friends of those in charge, Cody assured the person in question and all reading the replies that AEW had made a positive impact on the industry:

“It’s already been seen. Every company has had to up their financial commitment, duration, and QOL elements in their contracts. Wrestlers and their families like to eat and expand their target audience from 1 promoter to millions of fans.”

The conversation went on further, to which each reply can be seen by clicking on the Twitter links above.

Currently on AEW television, Cody has aligned himself with Darby Allin and Sting in the fight against Team Taz.