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Cody Describes IMPACT Wrestling Stint As “Nice Lil’ Experience”

Cody Rhodes Thumb

Cody Rhodes has very briefly given an accurate description of his fleeting run in IMPACT Wrestling in 2016.

Replying to a fan who posted a picture a Cody in the promotion, suited and booted, the former AEW TNT Champion took to social media to state:

“I was genuinely only there two days as a favour to Josh M and to help my wife get started. Nice lil’ experience. The Team Canada guy who gave away my parking spot to ADR. I then committed to ROH, Bucks and I did All In…the rest is history. My pettiness has lead to greatness. Ha.”

Cody was a hot commodity in professional wrestling after he left WWE and his run on the indies helped to establish him as one of the greatest minds of the business today. One of those promotions who sought his talents was the aforementioned IMPACT Wrestling.

As Cody stated, he was there for a brief sneeze of time but in that period he and wife Brandi feuded with Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis where the power couple attacked their foes at the promotion’s Bound For Glory event.

Following a singles victory over Bennett, Cody challenged for the IMPACT Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship but seeing as he was a ROH contracted talent at the time, predictably came up short.

2016 wasn’t his final stint in the company despite the star insisting he was only there for a couple of days. He would return in 2017 in briefly feud with Moose, who he attacked and challenged for the IMPACT Wrestling Grand Championship after learning the talent had his wife’s number.

With the current AEW/IMPACT Wrestling working relationship, there is scope for the star to return to the promotion in the not too distant future as Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter opined that he expects to see more talent making the switch.