CM Punk’s Dog Larry Injured In AEW All Out Brawl, More Details Revealed

CM Punk

After news broke that The Elite making a comeback to All Elite Wrestling (AEW) is “imminent,” Wrestling Inc. made contact to representatives of CM Punk, and a response has been issued.

According to Wrestling Inc., AEW has not reached out to CM Punk since their All Out pay-per-view and the backstage brawl that took place post-show. There, after Punk’s comments in the media scrum, both Punk and his trainer Ace Steel would get into an actual fight backstage with Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks, who are still listed as EVPs of All Elite Wrestling. After the brawl took place, Punk was asked by AEW to not publicly speak about it, which he would agree to.

CM Punk’s Dog Larry Got Hurt During The Backstage Brawl

According to sources, Punk’s camp feels like his comments at the media scrum weren’t a big deal, and the only reason why it escalated in their opinion is because of their backstage door being “kicked in” and he would accidentally slam Punk’s dog, Larry, in the face.

Punk’s comments at the media scrum involved shots taken at The Elite, “Hangman” Adam Page and Colt Cabana.

A few days after the media scrum brawl, at a veterinarian appointment that was pre-scheduled, Punk was notified about Larry and two of his teeth that had been knocked out of his gums that ultimately had to be removed.

According to Wrestling Inc’s report, CM Punk’s camp told the outlet that he felt threatened, and how he reacted in the backstage brawl was completely legal under Illinois’ Castle Doctrine laws. With those set of laws, it allows an individual to defend themselves. Currently, there are no legal charges or any other type of litigation against CM Punk.

Also, Wrestling Inc. is reporting that Lucy, Ace Steel’s wife, was also present during the fight, however, she has yet to be interviewed by AEW in their internal investigation.