Billy Corgan Believes CM Punk Will Ultimately Stay In AEW

CM Punk

Despite the explosive issues surrounding CM Punk in AEW at the moment, there’s at least one major US promoter out there who believes ‘The Voice of the Voiceless’ could return.

NWA head honcho, and Smashing Pumpkins frontman, Billy Corgan sees a Punk return down the line once the heat with the Elite has cooled off. In a recent interview with Steve Fall’s Ten Count, Corgan discussed CM Punk‘s future prospects and overall dynamic with AEW since joining last year.

“I’d be surprised if he leaves AEW” – Billy Corgan on CM Punk

When quizzed on whether or not we could see ‘The Second City Saint‘ in the NWA, Corgan dismissed the notion, believing Punk’s time with AEW is far from from over despite recent setbacks:

“I know him personally and I haven’t talked wrestling with him for years, so I would be hard pressed to imagine he’d want to come to the NWA given his other opportunities. Certainly, there are other companies that are bigger and can offer him a bigger payday.

I’d be surprised if he leaves AEW. I’ve heard those rumors too, but I just imagined that it would be worked out. So until it’s official, official, I’ll just assume that he’s going to stay and they’re going to figure it out because I think he’s a benefit and a bonus to them. I think the same in reverse.

I think they’ve done a good thing of bringing him back to professional wrestling where he belongs because he’s such an immensely talented guy. So you know, look, it’s wrestling, a lot of rumors, a lot of talk.

For all we know, it’s just part of a bigger negotiation going on behind the scenes that he’s gonna leave, and he’s still gonna stay. It’s wrestling. So why wouldn’t we think it’s an angle on some other level?

I tend to look at those things sideways. Plus, I also don’t want to be in the business of trying to openly recruit people who work for other companies. I don’t like when people do it to me. I could name names, but I just think when people are under contract, that should be respected as best as possible.”

CM Punk has not been seen on TV since the post-show controversy at All Out on September 4th. In the days after the incident, Punk was stripped of his newly won World Championship, and was suspended alongside a number of the figures involved.

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