CM Punk Was Moved To Tears By One WWE Match

CM Punk in AEW

A former foe of two-time WWE Champion CM Punk has revealed that the Chicago native became emotional after one landmark match together.

CM Punk became emotional after early WWE match

After joining Ring Of Honor in 2002, CM Punk quickly grew in popularity thanks to his charismatic style and straight edged persona. Classic encounters with the likes of Bryan Danielson and AJ Styles soon elevated his work to a wide audience and after capturing the ROH World Championship from Austin Aries in 2005 the WWE soon came calling.

After a spell in Ohio Valley Wrestling, he made his debut on the re-launched ECW brand in 2006. One of his first opponents was legendary ECW star Justin Credible.

Credible, who departed the WWE soon after battling Punk, locked up twice with ‘The Voice Of The Voiceless’ in August 2006 and recently revealed on the Cheap Heat Productions Podcast that the up and coming Superstar was emotional after their second meeting:

It was a great match for TV, for his debut especially, and he was super cool. I remember, and this is not an exaggeration – my wife was there, she can attest to this as well – he came up to me and literally was in tears thanking me [on] how well it went. He was so grateful for the opportunity. I’m like, ‘Brother, it’s your ball now. God bless you. Do good with it

Their second encounter would prove to be Credible’s final outing in WWE, with CM Punk moving onwards and upwards eventually winning the ECW Championship from John Morrison in September 2007.

He would soon be drafted to the Raw roster and launched a memorable main roster run after winning Money In The Bank at Wrestlemania 24 in Orlando before cashing in to defeat Edge and lift his first WWE Championship on the June 30th 2008 edition of Raw.

H/T to Sportskeeda for the above transcription