CM Punk Threatened To Quit AEW During All In

CM Punk on the mic

CM Punk was reportedly so frustrated backstage during his AEW All In altercation with Jack Perry that the “Real” AEW World Champion expressed it vocally.

According to Wade Keller of the Pro Wrestling Torch, Punk threatened to quit the company in the “heat of the moment” after he tied it up with Perry. A new report had Punk positioned in the Gorilla position ready to open AEW All In against Samoa Joe when Perry happened to cross his path. The two exchanged words, reportedly started when Punk asked if the two “had a problem” with one another. This escalated into shoving that ended with Punk having Perry in a restraining choke hold.

Keller adds further color to the incident, reporting that AEW production were getting ready for a plan B by either starting the show off with a different match or having a delay, but Punk gathered himself enough to go out and have his match with Samoa Joe.

CM Punk In The Middle Of An Outspoken Enviroment For Younger Talent?

Fuel for the incident was likely flamed during Jack Perry’s All In Zero Hour match against Hook as glass from a limosuine became a spot that Perry gave a comment regarding his previous confrontation with CM Punk about using real glass in a match.

According to PWTorch, a veteran AEW wrestler said that Tony Khan has cultivated a work environment that has encouraged younger talents to “go into business for themselves,” but does think Punk overdid it in engaging in confrontation with Perry at All In. Tony Khan confirmed during the post-All In media scrum that an altercation did occur before the show and that an investigation was ongoing.

Keller sources believes that it may be Perry who face higher ramifications than CM Punk due to Punk already laying a groundwork for how he wants to operate a copacetic locker room. Bryan Alvarez of Wrestling Observer says the belief is that the two stars will be suspended, leaving them off the card for AEW All Out.