CM Punk Speaks On A Potential WrestleMania Match With Roman Reigns

CM Punk Thumb

Who WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns will battle at WrestleMania 37 has been a matter of some controversy.

Some still believe that The Rock is the only choice to bring the entire Anoa’i family storyline full circle. ‘The Tribal Chief’ vs. the grandson of the original chief. Others would prefer Big E to headline ‘The Grandest Stage of Them All’ after a thrilling singles push and subsequent Royal Rumble victory.

Could there be one more choice, however?

In a recent Twitter question and answer session with fans, former WWE Champion CM Punk opened up, albeit in a sarcastic manner, about potentially battling ‘The Head of the Table’ on the grandest stage.

When asked about the possibility of the match, which has become another fantasy warfare for fans since Roman’s ascendency in recent years, Punk replied that it should be the opening bout instead of the main event:

“I’d do opening match. That show is 67 hours long.”

The reply was a blatant jab at how long WrestleMania has run in recent years, though 2020’s offering countered that by being the first held over two nights.

Even though Punk’s reply was purposefully derivative, it leaves fans everywhere wondering about the possibilities if CM Punk ever did decide to return to the squared circle for one last hurrah.

While the chances of Punk returning are slim to none, though we never say never in professional wrestling, Roman Reigns himself showed some interest in a bout with the star during an interview with Forbes last month.

Speaking about the dream match as well as his deep dislike of the man in question, Reigns had this to say:

“If you’ve watched wrestling for the last 10-15 years and love it and it’s in your blood, then you probably have some kind of feelings about that guy. I know I do. Just by doing one of these things, he made my job a lot harder. If it’s something that the fans can get behind and can sink their teeth into and really dive into the creative with us, then I’m willing to do it. I don’t like the guy. I don’t know many people who do. I just don’t know many who do, but I’m willing to put business first and make really good content if that’s the case. He’d probably have to be slapped around a few times in order to get his mind right, but if he’s willing and the fans and audience are going to like it and be into it, then most likely I’m going to be into it.”

CM Punk last competed in a WWE ring at the 2014 Rumble Rumble as one of the thirty men to vie for WrestleMania main event opportunity. Following the event, he walked out of the company and has not returned to professional wrestling since.

Credit for the Roman Reigns interview: Forbes