CM Punk’s Side Softening On Stance That Young Bucks “Kicked Down” Their Door

CM Punk

As further developments emerge from the post-All Out incident, CM Punk and Ace Steel have seemingly taken a step back to reflect on allegations that were made.

It’s odd, really, given the success of All Out 2022 how little of it is actually being discussed in the days after the card. Partially, this is because of the events that occurred after the pay-per-view went off-air, with an alleged backstage brawl involving CM Punk, Ace Steel, The Elite, and countless others.

Fightful Select has come through with yet another report on the matter, stating that Punk and Steel’s side of the party has “softened” their stance on the matter. Having previously claimed that The Young Bucks “kicked” down the door to their locker room, it’s now alleged that the Bucks either “kicked, shouldered, or otherwise forced their way in”.

Either way, a brawl is said to have ensued that, thus far, allegedly involved punching, biting, and chairs being thrown. Ace Steel was the culprit for the latter two, allegedly sinking his teeth into Kenny Omega and whacking Nick Jackson with a chair.

With regards to CM Punk, it’s believed that, should he remain part of AEW, it’ll only come once an investigation has been carried out. He’s currently out nursing an injury suffered during his All Out main event vs. Jon Moxley but regardless, it’s said that Punk has “long been” leaving the wrong impression in the AEW locker room.

As it stands, all those involved, bar Punk, have been confirmed as serving an indefinite suspension from All Elite Wrestling. What this means for behind the scenes projects, such as AEW Games for the likes of Kenny Omega, Michael Nakazawa, and Christopher Daniels, remains to be seen.