CM Punk Sends Emotional Message To The AEW Audience

CM Punk in AEW

After last year’s All Out pay-per-view the relationship between CM Punk and AEW quickly deteriorated when the controversial star cut a scathing promo on the talent, management and backstage culture.

Following his jaw-dropping comments Punk was stripped of the World Championship and suspended. But despite not being in the promotion for months he remains heavily linked with AEW.

During the live stream of FTR Live with Dax Harwood as presented by FITE TV the former WWE, ROH, IWGP and AEW Tag Team Champion revealed he had a text message from Punk directed to the audience.

“I miss them.”

The message caused the crowd to chant for CM Punk despite the constant backstage drama. Harwood then read a second text from Punk, which said:

“I wish I’d bought them all ice cream.”

In 2021, Punk made his debut for at Rampage: First Dance. After soaking in the adulation of the raucous crowd he bought them all ice cream bars. It was reported Punk purchased 15,000 bars from Chicago’s Pretty Cool Ice Cream, which were available for free to the people in attendance at the United Center.

Speaking during a post-show press conference Punk revealed the ice cream was a way of saying thank you to the fans for supporting him all these years.

“These ice cream bars, to me, represent an idea, an idea that was gift-wrapped to people that didn’t bother to take the time to try to understand their audience,” said Punk. “This is the easiest home run I’ve ever hit, and this is a legit thank-you. Jon Lester came to the Chicago Cubs and won us a World Series. When he got traded away, he opened up a tab at a bunch of bars as a way to say thank you to the fans. This is my way to say thank you to the fans.”

Will CM Punk Ever Return To AEW?

Upon making his amazing debut for Tony Khan’s promotion, Punk became the promotion’s biggest star. His presence ushered in the most successful period for the company in terms of awareness, live attendance and television viewership numbers.

Ever since his departure, there has been speculation surrounding CM Punk’s return to the comapny and if it will happen. According to further reports Tony Khan has held multiple talks with him in order to rebuild bridges and bring the former World Champion back to the promotion.

H/T Sports Illustrated