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CM Punk Says Wrestling Is “Not My World Anymore”

CM Punk

Ever since CM Punk left WWE in January 2014, there has been speculation about if and when the former World Champion would return to the squared circle.

Following his departure from WWE which effectively signalled the end of his wrestling career, Punk has appeared in the UFC as well as becoming increasingly involved on the big screen.

Speaking to Uproxx ahead of the release of his latest movie, Jakob’s Wife, Punk was once again asked about a return to the ring.

Apart from his upcoming role in wrestling based TV show ‘Heels,’ which premieres in August, the Chicago native admits that he hasn’t watched a wrestling show in a while.

“Most of the wrestling that I keep up on, or the things that I know about is strictly from social media,” Brooks said. “I haven’t watched a television show in a while. I would have to watch when I was working Backstage with Fox, to have an opinion on stuff. But since I haven’t been doing that, I haven’t been watching honestly.”

The Voice Of The Voiceless went to to add that while he could return if the perfect situation presents itself, the wrestling world “doesn’t necessarily need CM Punk.”

“I think the right combination could maybe be figured out, but it’s also not for me to figure out. It’s not my world anymore,” Brooks said. “I’m certainly not Hulk Hogan, where I’m going to show up somewhere and like, ‘no, this is how it’s going to be.’ The wrestling world doesn’t necessarily need CM Punk and that’s absolutely fine. Everyone seems to be doing great. I don’t know, it’s like flavors of ice cream. I walk into an ice cream shop one time and I’m like, ‘Oh, that seems like a good flavor. Give me two scoops of that.’ It’s just gotta be the right time, right place, right situation.”

In regard to a return to WWE, Triple H recently revealed the last time that he spoke with Punk about the subject. The Game explained that it would take CM Punk wanting to come back to make it happen, but as of 18 months ago that is yet to happen.