WWE Writer Claims CM Punk Said “F*ck That” To Putting Over The Rock

CM Punk and The Rock staredown

Former WWE Writer Matt McCarthy has claimed that CM Punk was unhappy with a promo he was told to deliver as it put over The Rock.

Back in January 2013, CM Punk was in the midst of his milestone 434-day WWE Championship run. After defeating the likes of Chris Jericho, Daniel Bryan, and John Cena, Punk was set to face his greatest challenge at that years Royal Rumble, The Great One himself, The Rock.

In the weeks leading up to the bout, CM Punk and The Rock traded barbs including the Straight-Edge Saviour’s classic ‘Boxing With God’ promo.

However, while discussing Sasha Banks and Naomi’s recent walkout on Raw, former WWE Writer Matt McCarthy revealed there were some rocky moments when it came to scripting the promos used in during the feud between Punk and Rock

McCarthy recalled one particular incident when Punk refused to use the lines he was given as they put over the Rock.

“I remember Punk being handed a promo about The Rock and him refusing to [say it]. He’s like, ‘So now I’ve got to f***ing put over The Rock? F*** that.’ I remember that happening. I don’t recall anyone walking out per se.”

In the end, CM Punk put The Rock over in a big way at the Royal Rumble as The People’s Champ defeated him to end his 434 days as WWE Champion. The Rock went on to lose the title to John Cena at WrestleMania 29 while CM Punk became the last man to fall to The Undertaker’s legendary streak.