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CM Punk Reveals Which WWE Superstar Would Be “Interesting” To Work With

CM Punk

Cm Punk has revealed which one WWE Superstar he would see as an “interesting thing” to do something with if the unthinkable were to happen and he returned to the ring.

Opening up on Renee Paquette’s Oral Sessions podcast, the Best In The World opened up about what it would take for him to return to the ring, before stating that the one person he would see as being interesting to work with would be Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

“On the WWE side of things, let’s be honest, we got ****. There’s baggage, right? There’s stuff that’s got to be worked through. So I don’t know how you get there. I don’t. I really don’t. I understand Roman’s doing awesome things now, which is great, but – outside of him – what’s the interesting thing I could do there?”

CM Punk and Renee Paquette, formerly Renee Young, would joke that the former WWE Champion should return to “wrestle Asuka” or “dump Pam (Bayley) on her head” before Paquette brought up the interesting point about Reigns being paired with Paul Heyman, a man CM Punk knows all too well. Punk would respond, saying he would “dump Heyman on his head too” before noting that Drew McIntyre is also doing good things, but that proposition wasn’t isn’t “spicy” enough for him.

Interestingly, CM Punk did say, aside from Roman Reigns, WWE would struggle to present him with someone he would be interested in wrestling that he hasn’t already been in the ring with – whereas AEW may be able to.

“I think there’s more interesting people on the AEW side of things for me to wrestle, but that’s just because I’ve never wrestled them before – Young Bucks, Kenny Omega. Talking about your husband, I look at that and I go, ‘Well, I wrestled him already.’ So, it’s just less interesting than something new.

“On the WWE side of things, I don’t know that there’s anybody there currently that I haven’t wrestled that I would be interested in wrestling.”

To conclude, CM Punk would reiterate how he’s open to communication – but that he always has been. However, the former WWE Champion would say he’s concentrating on acting right now.