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CM Punk Reveals Which AEW Star’s Theme Gets Him “Excited”

CM Punk

CM Punk has spoken about getting excited when fellow AEW star Adam Cole’s music hits and the wider excitement there is in the AEW locker room.

CM Punk returned to professional wrestling on the second episode of AEW Rampage after a seven-year absence from the ring. In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, he spoke about mingling backstage and how the looks on some people’s face hits him “right in the chest”.

“It hits me on a different level for a lot of reasons. I’m not the kind to stand in the back and wait to go out. I’m running around backstage and I’m mingling. There’s a group of people, with their faces constantly changing, always around. And just seeing the look on their faces, that hits me right in the chest.”

He went on to explain that it’s unusual in wrestling for people in the locker room to show their excitement at seeing fellow stars, but AEW is different. As an example, he revealed that he gets excited when recent AEW signee Adam Cole’s music hits and the former NXT Champion can see it on his face.

“Wrestling is different. You’re not supposed to be a ‘mark’ and you’re not supposed to take pictures with someone you share a locker room with. The culture is different in AEW. I get excited when Adam Cole’s music hits. I think he can see that on my face.

Speaking about being on the road, Punk says every new city is “like August 20 all over again”. That was the date of his debut, where he received one of the biggest pops in wrestling history from his hometown Chicago crowd.

There is an excitement in the locker room, and then I see the fans, and it’s amazing. Every new city I go to, these people haven’t seen me in seven years. It’s like August 20 all over again for me.”

CM Punk is set to face Matt Sydal on October 15th as part of a Rampage lineup AEW President Tony Khan has described as “straight fire”.