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CM Punk Reveals His Very Simple Goal For The Straight Edge Society

CM Punk and the Straight Edge Society

CM Punk has revealed the one very simple goal he had when he led his group the Straight Edge Society in WWE in 2009 and 2010.

The Straight Edge Society began when Punk recruited Luke Gallows and converted him to a straight edge lifestyle following his portrayal of Festus. Punk would act more like a cult leader, shaving the heads of audience members as an act of devotion to him. One audience member that took part in this was Serena Deeb. Known only by her first name, the current NWA Women’s Champion would join the group after having her head shaved by Punk. Joey Mercury would later join the group, helping CM Punk to victory over Rey Mysterio.

Answering fan questions on Twitter. The Straight Edge Superstar had a one-word answer when asked what his goals were for the group.

Punk simply said:


CM Punk was loathed by fans during this time for his sermons many saw as self-righteous. Punk would even take to the microphone to address the masses during the 2010 Royal Rumble match.

The group would fall apart upon Serena’s release from WWE in August 2010. Joey Mercury would become injured around this time and be absent from television. After discontent between Punk and Gallows, the two would meet on the September 24th, 2010 SmackDown. CM Punk would defeat his former partner and Gallows left WWE shortly after.

CM Punk’s WWE career was kickstarted the following year. After leading the New Nexus for a spell, Punk would cut his ‘pipe bomb’ promo in the summer of 2011. Shortly thereafter he would win the WWE Championship in one of the most iconic title matches of all time.

Punk would answer more questions on social media, including picking out one match from his career that he is exceptionally proud of.