CM Punk Pokes Fun At AEW Termination In First Public Appearance

CM Punk posing during his entrance at AEW All In: London

In his first public appearance since his termination from AEW, CM Punk had some fun in making light of his unceremonious exit from the company.

The former AEW World Champion provided commentary at Cage Fury Fighting Championship 125 last night. Within seconds of appearing on-camera, Punk’s commentary partner John Morgan referenced the AEW All In backstage incident and Punk’s subsequent termination from the promotion with cause.

“My name is John Morgan and with me tonight, once again, look who I ran into backstage! He’s back, might I add with cause, CM Punk!”

As the two rounded out the event’s card, both men made sarcastic references to Punk having plenty to talk about following his departure from AEW.

Morgan: “I know you want to see CM Punk, everyone wants to see CM Punk. But they don’t want to hear you talk right now, they want to see the fights! We’ll probably have some things to talk about, but we’ll do that another time…”

Punk: “Absolutely, yeah. (sarcastically) What do you wanna talk about?”

Morgan: (sarcastically) “What could it be? (laughs) What’s going on? We’ll get to that later…”

Is CM Punk Returning To WWE?

Whilst CM Punk hasn’t opened up on his future in wrestling, much less a return to WWE, since his AEW departure, the star seemingly dropped a big hint about returning to Vince McMahon‘s empire last night.

During CFFC 125, Punk specifically noted that he has free time on his hands for “the next two months”. This lines up almost exactly with when WWE Survivor Series will be hosted in his hometown of Chicago on November 25th.