CM Punk Reveals Who He Thinks Of When He Hears ‘Best In The World’

CM Punk

CM Punk has revealed which wrestler he thinks of when he hears the phrase ‘Best in the World’.

Punk himself became synonymous with the term, adopting it as part of his heel persona whilst in the WWE.

However when pressed on Darby Allin’s comments on wanting to face the ‘Best in the World’ at AEW Rampage in Chicago, Punk was quick to distance himself from the term.

Speaking with Jason Agnew of the Sunday Night’s Main Event podcast, Punk had the following to say:

Hey listen, ‘Best In the World’, that could be anybody. That’s [Daniel] Bryan, right? That’s my assumption. I hear ‘Best In the World’ and I think Bryan.

Prior to his WWE run, Daniel Bryan (then known as Bryan Danielson) anointed himself with the same nickname, owing to his prolific 462-day reign as Ring of Honor World Champion.

Of course, Punk may have simply been attempting to throw listeners off the scent, with many expecting him to debut at AEW’s ‘The First Dance‘ edition of Rampage in Chicago’s United Center.

If Punk does in fact debut with All Elite, he may find himself sharing a locker room with the other ‘Best in the World’, as Bryan Danielson has also been heavily linked with All Elite.

With thanks to Wrestling Inc for the transcript.