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CM Punk On What It Would Take To Appear On Broken Skull Sessions

Stone Cold CM Punk

CM Punk has revealed what it would take for him to appear on Broken Skull Sessions with Stone Cold Steve Austin.

In recent years, the Broken Skull Sessions show has become something of a fan favourite on the WWE Network and Peacock. The show has featured many WWE legends as well as current Superstars such as Sasha Banks and Bayley discussing their careers.

The most recent guest on the show was Mick Foley, who amongst other things, named the star who he believes is the most “glaring omission” from the WWE Hall of Fame.

Typically all the guests on the show are currently employed by WWE or at least affiliated with the company in some way. However, this trend was knocked on it’s head when current AEW star Chris Jericho appeared on the show back in April.

This of course led to speculation around who may be the next ‘non-WWE guy’ to appear on the show. Naturally, the name at the centre of this speculation was CM Punk.

While answering a series of fan questions on Twitter, Punk revealed the one thing that would lead to him appearing on the show. Money.

During a recent appearance on The Wrestling Perspective Podcast, Punk appraised the current state of WWE, and more specifically the performance of Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

The multi-time world champion said that Reigns’ character was the “the one thing they’re doing right, right now.”