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CM Punk On Logan & Jake Paul – “It’s Old School Pro Wrestling”

CM Punk - Jake Paul - Logan Paul

Not many have divided the world of combat sports like Logan and Jake Paul – apart from maybe CM Punk.

However, the wrestler-turned MMA fighter-turned wrestler again believes the controversial brothers are “not doing anything wrong” by making money and that he’ll never criticise them for making sacrifices.

Following Jake Paul’s recent knockout of former UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley, the argument still raged on about how the former YouTuber is classified, with many refusing to give the YouTube star-turned-boxer credit.

CM Punk, himself, knows all too well that critique of elitist fans saying you don’t belong on a card because of your appeal to a mainstream audience, having suffered similar backlash ahead of his UFC debut – but the AEW star believes people “conflate” being a fighter and an entertainer.

Speaking with ESPN Sportsnation, CM Punk said:

“Everything is entertainment. I think some people conflate being a fighter with being an entertainer.”

Now, Logan Paul is no stranger to the wrestling ring having made several cameos in 2021 during an intense rivalry between Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, and CM Punk sees “old school pro wrestling” in the brothers’ respective boxing careers.

“When it makes dollars, it makes sense. What the Paul brothers are doing, for the lack of a better term, it’s old school pro wrestling. You can say they are crossing over, but there are so many similarities between the two businesses. They command attention. People want to see them get knocked out and they know this, but they are putting themselves out there and putting themselves on the line.”

Punk said he himself will never negatively critique anyone who walks the walk.

“I’ll never criticize in a negative way anybody who makes the walk, anybody who trains their ass off because I did it and I know what it takes. You put yourself out there and on the line. A lot of the times, a lot of the sacrifice goes unnoticed, but it’s what it is.”

The former WWE Champion added his own comparison to boxing legend Floyd Mayweather crossing over into WWE, and tipped Conor McGregor to follow in the footsteps of the “excellent” Ronda Rousey.

“[Floyd] Mayweather crossed over and did a match at WrestleMania, I’m sure we’re eventually going to see [Conor] McGregor come over. [Ronda] Rousey was excellent when she came over. The bottom line is making money. If you’re making money, you’re technically not doing anything wrong.”

h/t Fightful for the transcription.