CM Punk Not Aiming To Sue AEW Following Termination

CM Punk Could Have A One Year Non Compete Clause

If you expect CM Punk to be serving Tony Khan papers, think again.

A new report from Haus of Wrestling states that their is no interest from CM Punk attempting to file a lawsuit against his former company despite his termination and Khan stating that he was in fear for his life while the infamous incident occured backstage at All In. The impression is that Punk is breathing “a sigh of relief” after having to deal with the day-to-day drama that was occuring at AEW. His interest in inserting himself back in a legal dispute seems not to be on his agenda.

Will CM Punk Make A Return To Pro Wrestling?

Khan and AEW terminated the contract of CM Punk on September 2, the day before All Out in Chicago, and Punk for the most part has remained mum on any discourse regarding his situation following his firing. However, a tongue-in-cheek joke was made by Punk’s fellow Caged Fury Fighting Championship commentator John Morgan that Punk returned to broadcast at CFFC 125 “with cause.” Later on in the program Punk said he’d have some time on his hands for the next two months to do more work with CFFC.

There’s a lot of speculation that Punk may not be done with pro wrestling and two months seems to fittingly line up with when WWE makes its way to Chicago for Survivor Series, but there are some other promotions who could have their eyes on the star as well. IMPACT Wrestling, who Punk has a history with, reportedly has an extreme interest in bring him in, the NWA also are welcoming Punk with open arms and MLW ties to the former AEW Champion stems all the way back to 2002.

In recent news, Tony Khan has shared his thoughts on the WWE and UFC merger.