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CM Punk Names “Ironic” Big Money Match Left In WWE

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Speaking ahead of the release of his new movie Jakob’s Wife, CM Punk has named the “ironic” big-money match left on the table in WWE.

CM Punk hasn’t appeared on WWE television since the 2014 Royal Rumble, but that hasn’t stopped speculation from building around a potential return.

In conversation with Uproxx about his latest big screen project, Punk commented that as far as a return to the ring is concerned, a match with Kenny Omega is certainly something that appeals.

“From a creative mind standpoint, stepping back and looking at the landscape of everything, there are people in WWE that I have wrestled before that maybe, in a certain situation could be interesting,” Brooks said. “There’s also the business side of things. What’s the biggest possible match for CM Punk? I think there’s Kenny Omega on the one side. “

Although the former WWE Champion went on to add that there is also one “ironic” big-money match left on the table in WWE. A match against WWE’s Executive Vice President of Global Talent Strategy & Development, Triple H. However, Punk was also quick to add that this isn’t something that interests him.

And, you know, unfortunately, ironically enough, for me to go back to WWE, who’s the biggest match for me? It’s probably Triple H. That’s ironic because it’s nothing I’m interested in. It’s just what it is. Am I going to be a businessman and say that’s the match, that’s the big-money match? Well, it’s not my money, so it’s not for me to say.”

Elsewhere in the conversation, Punk refused to rule out a return to the ring, before explaining that wrestling “isn’t his world anymore.”