CM Punk “Looking To Get Back In” To AEW

CM Punk

Many believed they would never see CM Punk in an AEW ring again, but incredibly, it appears that the star is working to make it happen.

In recent weeks the former AEW World Champion has become more active on social media, hinting that his mind is still very much on professional wrestling. After being criticised online, Punk said that he would make sure he wrestles again just to upset the fan in question.

Meanwhile, in a recent comment on Instagram Punk referenced the backstage fight between Koko B. Ware and Steve Keirn. Punk referenced the fact that Jerry Lawler got the pair together the next day to solve their dispute. The hint is, that he would like to do the same.

Furthermore, speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer has reported that he’s heard Punk is trying to get back into AEW. Despite all of the conflict backstage, speculation around a move back to WWE, and a serious triceps injury, Punk remains under contract.

“What it says is that he wants back in. Which we’ve already known, other people have said that too, that he’s looking to get back in.

It’s up to Tony (Khan) and Tony’s gonna make a decision at some point.

He’s probably just about ready, if not ready already, from the torn triceps, so it is one of those things that he can do soon enough.”

CM Punk’s Face Hidden On AEW Dynamite

On the March 22nd episode of AEW Dynamite, Kenny Omega, Hangman Adam Page, and the Young Bucks were involved in the opening segment which saw the Bucks attacked and beaten down. In the segment, Omega and Page were seen checking up on them. Interestingly, pieces of cardboard had been strategically placed in front of one of the production trucks to hide CM Punk’s face on the side.

H/t to Wrestle Talk